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  • Convenience and safety:

    Convenient transport and location: Downtown is within easy and quick reach by personal car (a 7-minute drive along Geležinio Vilko Street) and public transport (the nearest bus stop is only 200 m away). A shopping centre is located nearby.
    The ground floor flats have a view of the forest and direct access to the outdoors. It is very convenient for families with little children: a child safely playing in the yard is within sight and easy reachable.

    Cuddy and car parking lot: You have an opportunity to purchase a cuddy which is convenient for the storage of not only bikes and other sport equipment, but also for preserved goods. Two parking lots – underground and over ground - will be constructed for the residents of the building, so you will not face the difficulty of where to leave a vehicle safely.

  • Neighbourhood of nature:

    Surrounded by forest: The buildings are far away from city and highway noise, so you will be able to enjoy fresh air, serenity and birdsongs.

    The always fascinating beauty of the seasons Spring and summer are full of inspiring greenery; autumn with its colourful leaves; and a Christmas Tree shines outdoors in winter.

    Harmony of city and nature: The area is ideal for those who are looking for a harmony of rural serenity and the civilization of the city.

  • Green and modern:

    Modern and safe playgrounds are provided along with promenades and benches for rest. You can calmly read a book while children play in a yard, or go cycling with the entire family if you like to spend your leisure time more actively.

    Beautiful surroundings: Green lawns, colourful flowers and decorative bushes integrated harmoniously into the surrounding environment will delight your eyes.

    Cycleway: You will be able to enjoy the bracing water of the Žalieji and Gulbinų lakes because they are easy to reach by bike.

  • Light and comfort:

    Large and spacious balconies: Have morning coffee while sitting on a comfortable settee. Relaxing in the afternoon with an interesting book or enjoying the serenity while looking at the sunset will add some romance to your everyday life. You can sip coffee, have supper, or even exercise in your balcony during the warm season. It is so spacious that you can easily place a body-builder, baby carriage and a table with settees here.

    The upper floor flats have fireplaces: The crackle of a warm fire will provide some cosiness during long winter evenings.

    Natural light: The houses are designed so that every flat gets as much natural light as possible and a view of the forest from the windows and balconies.

  • Quality and comfort:

    Low-rise buildings: The four-storey houses will be a relief for those who are tired of the jungle of high-rise houses.

    Rational layout: Every corner of a flat is reasonably used; there are no long passages, columns or redundant niches.

    The houses are distant from each other: Large distances will provide more privacy and quiet. There is no need to close the curtains in the evenings.

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