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Purchasing procedure

  • 1

    Selection of a dwelling:

    A customer shall select a flat he/she likes in the project web site and reserve it.
  • 2

    Tentative sale-purchase contract:

    When a customer finally decides to purchase the selected flat, he/she shall sign a tentative sale-purchase contract with the seller and shall transfer the advance payment to the account of the seller within the term established in the contract.

  • 3

    Taking-over certificate:

    After the completion of the building, the customer will receive a notice about the completion, and the taking-over certificate will be signed.

  • 4

    Payment for a dwelling with own capital:

    A buyer transfers the entire amount to a bank account indicated by the seller. After receipt of payment, the seller signs a sale – purchase contract with the buyer. The contract shall be notarized. The buyer receives a certificate from the seller on the complete settlement for the dwelling and registers his/her ownership in a Centre of Registers.

  • 5

    Payment for a dwelling with a bank loan:

    An agreement shall be signed with a bank in order to get a loan; a sale-purchase contract shall be signed (the contract shall be notarized); after giving a notarized sale-purchase contract to the bank, the buyer shall sign the loan contract and shall register his/her ownership with the Centre of Registers. The buyer shall register a mortgaged property in the Mortgage Office, and the bank transfers the final amount for a dwelling when it receives the confirmation from the Mortgage Office.

  • 6

    Certificate on complete settlement:

    The seller issues a certificate to the buyer in order to certify that the buyer fully paid the seller.

  • 7

    Contracts with service providers:

    The buyer signs contracts with the company which administers a building, as well as with the heating and water suppliers.

  • 8

    Delivery of keys:

    The seller gives the buyer the keys to the flat.